Internship Program


It’s not easy for those who come to Washington with the intent of standing on principle and putting America first.

From day one, establishment politicians teach members of Congress that if they play ball, they will be showered with special interest donations, receive plum committee assignments, and attract adoration from the media.

They also learn that if they fight for conservative principles, they’ll be denied the resources and access needed to be effective. This is how the D.C. Swamp operates.

This is why former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint launched CPI in 2017. He saw the need for a group that would support conservatives in Washington, connect them with one another, and give them access to the very best facilities and advice–so they don’t get pulled into the D.C. Swamp by either party.

Now, with a team of bold conservative leaders that includes former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, CPI is delivering on this mission every day.

From our headquarters just a half mile from the U.S. Capitol, CPI trains, equips, and convenes the movement’s best and most courageous leaders. While today’s Washington is designed to defeat conservatives, CPI is designed to build them up.

Intern Responsibilities

Each CPI intern will get a unique experience not just in the inner workings of the conservative movement and Capitol Hill. You will work alongside former senior capitol hill staffers, former White House officials, and conservative thought leaders.

Each intern will be attached to a CPI full-time staffer as a “mentor-mentee” relationship. This is not a formality. You will grow personally and professionally with this relationship. This relationship will be one where you are asked to do meaningful work in service of the conservative movement alongside leaders with decades of experience in Washington.

Our goal is for you, the intern, to leave CPI with the skills and knowledge necessary to join the fight for restoring America.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should apply during the open application period.

  • Winter/Spring: January-May
    • Applications open beginning of September, close end of September, selections in October
  • Summer: May-August
    • Applications open beginning of February, close end of February, selections in March
  • Fall: September-December
    • Applications open beginning of May, close end of May, selections in June

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This is a full-time internship and applicants should expect to be available to work 9-5, five days a week, with limited exceptions.